Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wild Flowers

I spent lunchtime today in the backyard with Otis and while he did this:

I was busy admiring the wild flowers in the "wilder" sections of our property. A lot of them are already fading - it's hard to believe how quickly summer is passing.

I also created a few "wild" flowers of my own. Does anyone have any tips on how to create bullion stitches that don't look like they were stitched by a 5 year old?? I'm a little concerned that the 40 hours or so that it will take me to actually stitch these all over my cute little Saffron cardi will result in an arts and craftsy type disaster rather than the cute, cool cardi I'm going for.

What do you think and BE BRUTALLY HONEST...???
P.S. That's my swatch that I was practising on - I haven't done anything to the actual cardi yet...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Horrible Weather for Pictures...

Progress continues on Saffron. I've got the back and almost 2 fronts completed. It feels like this project is taking a long time and I suppose it is but I really have not have much time to knit in the last few weeks. I'm in 2 weddings this summer and we had both "stagettes/hen parties" in the last 2 weeks (fun but exhausting). I really am getting too old for partying into the night. It was also almost sunny for a few days last week and we spent the entire long weekend weeding/mulching the flower beds and painting the deck. All of that has seriously cut into my knitting time...sulk.

On Monday I was home sick from work though and popped in Season 1 of Once and Again and the second front was almost finished.

My picture looks crap because it's doing things like THIS outside:

That is hail people...hail! It's July - there should not be ice falling from the sky - end of story.