Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Welcome to Munchkin Land!!

Remember These??




Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Memory Lane

I find myself in an unusual situation this week. Every single project I'm working on is a repeat. Brad got a new pair of heavy socks - the same basic pattern I use for almost all his socks. I've tried others but these are the best fit for his foot and are great for TV knitting. My only complaint is my camera's apparent difficulty with shades of green - these are an emerald heather that I can't seem to get quite right.

Also on the repeat list is an EZ seamless sweater for myself in the same brown heather as the one I made my brother for Xmas. I'm thinking there will be a colorwork yoke on this but haven't ironed out any details yet. Plenty of time to figure that part out...I've only just finished one sleeve and started the body.

And, finally, I'm reknitting my latvian mittens (graph 15 for those wondering) in a larger size. So far they're a perfect fit and I much prefer the cuff minus the navy side bands.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mitten Rip

Taking a quick shot of this new latvian mitten just before I frog it - it's too small. I managed to delude myself all the way to this point that blocking would "make it fit"...silly girl. So it's getting ripped...

The bright side is that the reknit will be an opportunity to do a few things a little better. This time I'm going to knit the cuff without those dark blue stripes down the side. I'm going to keep them on the palm cause it just makes things neater and doesn't require frustrating figuring to make the patterns fit but the cuff pattern will fit perfectly in the new size and I think look better as a single piece. Also, my 3-color stranding was a little sloppy so this second attempt should be much neater...cross your fingers for me!