Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Getting Closer...

Went to Craft Night last night and will have pics to post later of the scarves completed by the new knitters (very cute) - they are now completely hooked. It was fun and surprisingly productive...even with a glass of wine under my belt I was able to complete the final sleeve for NBaT. And here is the proof:

Now, you may be thinking: "HEY, that isn't the NBaT sleeve" and really it isn't - I changed the top of the T a lot - used ribbing instead of that gorgeous hem (not sure why I did that now that I see all the others looking so sharp) and I also made a raglan sleeve and a wider, lower neckline. Will this all blow up in my face and have me looking completely ridiculous? Most likely. But only seaming will tell...and that starts tonight. My fingers are crossed...

Got some more fun mail yesterday. I traded a couple of balls of my purple Calmer for CathyZ's pink flamingo. It is so cute. I'm thinking I have enough purple left (3 balls) to make a purple/pink striped child sized cardigan so maybe a Xmas present for someone...

And finally, late last week, I decided to try out my Eucalan wool rinse sample on a gigantic blast from the past AlmostFO that has been sitting in my closet for at least 3 years. I loved the pattern BUT I was young and foolish so didn't swatch and didn't think about the fact that without waist shaping, this would look like a giant sack on my short self. So...long story short, the sweater came out WAY too big. I have learned the error of my ways since those dark days and I thought that maybe I had enough experience now to "fix" it so out came the Eucalan. This was my first experience using it and I learned a few things:
1. Eucalan wool rinse really does contain eucalyptus.
2. Eucalyptus soap does not taste like eucalyptus cough drops at all.
3. Teeth are not the proper tool for opening LIQUID soap packets.
4. Even blocking can't fix everything.

The sweater is still too big (especially across the shoulders) but I have managed to shrink it to a size suitable for walking the dog or puttering around the house/yard. I blocked it and then while it was still damp (because I had nothing to lose at this point), I put it through 10 mins intervals in the dryer until it was a reasonable fit - there was a bit of acrylic (25%) in the wool but it still lost several inches off both the length and width. So while I wasn't able to pull off a wool miracle, I will finally be able to get some use out of this sweater. It was an early project and took me MONTHS to complete so that is a good thing.


Anonymous Becky said...

Those little sleeves look cute! I think it's cool that you're experimenting; that's one of the things I love about knitting. We can experiment, and if we don't like, we can rip it out.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous nona said...

All your NBaT pieces look like they will fit together beautifully -- looking forward to seeing the results of your seaming!

10:14 PM  

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