Friday, March 18, 2005

I didn't mean to do it...

I didn't mean to start a new bag when my orange bag isn't even close to finished yet but I couldn't help it. I was having a movie night (with a few glasses of wine) and needed something I could knit without looking (or requiring too much brain power) - ribbing was just too risky. So I sat down with my knitting books thinking I would start a felted project but then I saw Zeeby's bag in Stitch N' Bitch and thought...hmmm...that looks like just the thing. And it knit up soooo quickly - I'm just a couple inches shy of having the front panel completed. Briggs and Little wool flies along. I'm using a bright blue (which has a little more green in it than this picture shows) and am planning to use lime green as the contrast color - probably. Anyhow, I didn't bother to swatch for this type or project and am a bit wide (about an inch) so will probably add an inch to the length so it doesn't mess up the bag proportions. It's going to be a knitting project bag and should be big enough to hold most projects - it'll be about 16X13.

I also found another use for my stitch markers - they make great anchors for pesky rolling stockinette edges!!

In other news, I managed to get some lovely purple Calmer (zeal) on eBay and am expecting it to show up in time to start Nona's Just a T-shirt knitalong on April 1st. I can't wait! It'll be nice to start a new project I can wear - I've been caught up in hats, socks and bags for far too long.


Blogger Nancy said...

I'm coveting Calmer too! Something tells me it will find it's way here somehow. Looking forward to seeing your top with it.

That's a nice intense blue for your bag. Nothing beats a mindless knitting project sometimes.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Netter said...

I'm using Calmer in Zeal, too. Mine's been marinating in stash for months waiting for the perfect project and Nothin' but a T is it.

Love your bag. I guess the mindless part came after the flowers!

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anna said...

I ordered my calmer for the t-shirt KAL too... in 'coffee bean'. have you decided if you're going to put a picture/motif/word on the front?

12:59 AM  

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