Monday, February 21, 2005

The Second Sock Blues....

(original post Feb. 15th)
Well, I think the Valentine's Day Socks will need to be renamed afterall - I only finished the first one on Sunday and thought BF would understand if I didn't skip work for 2 days to finish the second one. Although it kinda sounds like a perfect week to me. Well, honestly I haven't even started the second one yet - I've got a bad case of the second sock blues. The first one finished up and FIT (woohoo!). My moment of triumph and then I realized "now I have to start all over again" - ugh. No offense to the sock - the foot part was actually quite fun but 9 inches of plain ribbing on the leg with 1 ply yarn wasn't exactly my dream project. Note to self:Next pair of socks must have something interesting happening on the leg. So instead of handknit socks for V-Day, BF got my version of dinner and movie - a BBQ cookbook (he's very good) and a promise that the next movie night is my treat. He got me some lovely flowers and a pound of Butler's chocolates - so, so good. A few years ago, he travelled quite frequently to Dublin,Ireland for work and would always bring me home a little box of Butler's so now they're my favorite special occasion treat.

I'm a bit disappointed with my sock picture - socks don't look like much without a model - I'll have a happy feet shot once #2 is done.

Ugh...time to go cast on another GREY sock now.

My very first sock... Posted by Hello


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