Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sensational Scarves...

My other project for Xmas was scarves for my girlfriends at work...you know who you are. We walk around the local craft store at lunchtime oohing an aahing over really soft yarns and other crafting paraphernalia (that's a big one - must spell check it). So, I picked up some FurFX and made them each (3) a small scarf for the neck of their coats. And they all looked gorgeous with them on! I actually ended up making 4 scarves because my dear mother stole one when I brought them home on a weekend visit. So...time will tell if someone actually likes something...it's been a month now and they're still wearing them - yay! K even wears hers in the office sometimes as a sweater accessory. For some reason this makes me ridiculously happy.

In related news, I knit myself a really long scarf - not sure why, since I'm a really short person but I do happen to have a picture of it. I'm not entirely happy with the fringe...it's seems a bit pathetic...hmmmm.

Scarf with pathetic fringe... Posted by Hello


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