Friday, February 11, 2005

Roving Hats, First Times and Guilt Mousies...

First things first, I completed BF's big head roving hat last week but didn't have a picture to post - this is it in all it's pom-pom glory...I know it looks like something for a 10 year old but trust me, he loves it. You've got to have fun hats on a ski trip.

Roving Hat Completed Posted by Hello

I also completed the felted guilt mousie last week. He came out pretty cute - the free pattern is available here for anyone who's got kitties that hold a grudge.

Guilt Mousie Completed Posted by Hello

Bigsy was an immediate fan...

Bigsy likes him... Posted by Hello

And Niblet eventually got in on the fun so it looks like I'm officially off the hook. Phew.

Niblet likes him too... Posted by Hello

Now, on to the Valentine's Day socks. I honestly don't think I'll have them both completed by Valentine's Day but they are going to retain the name regardless - maybe I'll have a highly productive weekend and surprise myself. I'm a little over halfway through the first sock - just very nervously turned the heel - looks good so far - no ridges or holes so that is good. This is my very first pair of socks so I'm crossing my fingers that they will be a comfortable fit.

My very first sock...nervous turning. Posted by Hello


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