Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Unfinished Business...

So this is the latest project - BF has trouble getting hats that fit (rather large cranium apparently) so I'm working on a big head hat for him that is going to be SUPER warm. I made a trip to Briggs and Little recently and picked up some Country Roving (5 ply) - it makes for a very thick, warm hat. Might have to make myself one when I'm through - kitty hat for "warm" days, Roving hat for really cold days. I like it...but look at the size of that thing. Yikes.

Country Roving Hat...for BF's big head. Posted by Hello

I've been working on this checker pattern sweater on and off for a few months now - I keep setting it aside and then picking it back up - I'm not in a real hurry to finish it because I suspect the checker pattern is going to make me look (ahem!) fat. What was I thinking? Not sure...but I've already got the front of it knit so just a bit of the back and then the sleeves to go before this sweater's chub factor can be properly assessed...fingers crossed.

Checker pattern sweater... Posted by Hello


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