Monday, February 21, 2005

Putting off sock knitting...

I'm just about to turn the heel on sock #2 - the second one seems to have gone much faster and I hope to finish it up today. But I'm at the point where I have to pick up stitches and I find that to be the most tedious knitting task of all. So it's sitting there on the couch and I'm sitting over here on the chair - complete standoff.

I've got 2 hats I want to get through before we leave for our ski trip on Sunday though - devil horn hat for BF and roving hat for me - the rule is, I cannot start the fun colorful hats until the grey sock is complete. This may sound harsh (or maybe just ridiculous) but if I don't finish it now...well, you know.

I really dislike making entries without a picture so here is Bigsy enjoying the felted guilt mousie one more time...slurp!!

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