Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Long Weekend...

Ah, the long weekend...weather was wet and horrible but who cares - I had 8 knitting/crafting friends come over on Sat. for an afternoon of knitting, a potluck, a pitcher of Cosmopolitans, and some crappy 80s/90s movies. Brad was away so we took full advantage and camped out in the living room. I was going to make a big deal of asking everyone if it was ok to post their pics but realized today that noone had looked at the camera anyhow so here are the tops of several heads. (Projects in the pic are a pink "shoelace" yarn scarf and a neopolitan icecream baby blanket. Both very cute.)

As you can see everyone was deep in concentration the second the camera came out. They all look so serious, don't they? Don't be fooled...
(Projects in the pic are a blue/green french market bag being knitted up by Michelle, a hand embroidered throw which was absolutely gorgeous, a teddy bear cross-stitch so cute! and a pair of slippers - first one was finished by day's end.)

Max came over to play with Otis and he even gave knitting a go...had some trouble handling the second needle though. He may turn out to be better at crochet.

So what was I working on through all of this?? Most of the day I worked on 'Mary' although after the second Cosmo, I had to take a break for fear of what might happen - finished up the back on Sunday.

This is by far the stretchiest thing that I have ever knitted...I was far too lazy to block it yesterday so I just held it out to demonstrate - pretty crazy, huh?

I don't know how I thought it would be but I was surprised at just how stretchy the rib was - I think it will make a for a really great fit over a cami.


Blogger Michelle said...

Saturday was a lot of fun!!! Thanks for having us all out there Vicki :)

I couldn't belive how much that ribbing is going to have to be stretched out!!! It's crazy when you stop and look at what you have knitted and what the picture looks like and realize they will be the same after blocking :D... I can't wait to see the final project!!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

It is stretchy rib isn't it? Looking good though. Max looks like alot of fun, gorgeous colour isn't he? I want a cardy like that! If he learns to crochet can I borrow him to teach Disney?

1:48 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Oh my gosh--that looks like a sleeve, not a back! Crazy stretchy rib.

Looks like y'all had fun this weekend--wish I had a big group to knit with!

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Janine said...

Ashley is right, I thought it WAS a sleeve!
That dog is so cute. Mine has taken to running away with my ball of wool if he thinks I am not paying enough attention to him.

2:47 AM  
Blogger froggyknits.com said...

love that stretchy rib.

5:57 PM  

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