Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Was Nearly Killed! and a Latvian Swatch

What do you think of this little swatch? I'm trying to decide if the colors are too "something" for a latvian mitten. I think I may want something more subtle but they may not be for me so I'm confused. Thoughts, opinions please?

And here is the second installment of the Two Truths and a Lie Birthday Contest. Guess which story is a lie and you get another chance to win the grand prize (also feel free to continue to post guesses for week 1's Twilight Zone edition.) The contest is open til Oct. 21st.

TTAAL "I was nearly killed!" Edition

1. My friend Erin and I were both selected to be flag bearers in the Canadian Divisional Figure Skating Championships held in Summerside, PEI the winter of 1993. This was huge as Canadian ice-dancers ShaeLynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz were competing - wooooo! On the way home from our first night of practise, we hit some slush/ice and totalled my parents car. We were lucky to have absolutely no injuries and were able to complete our flag-bearing duties.

2. Brad and I travelled to New York the Summer of 2000 for an extended weekend trip. On Saturday night, we headed out to a couple of comedy clubs where we had a few drinks and lots of laughs. We walked through Time Square until about midnight and then took a taxi back to our hotel. Having had a few drinks and, quite frankly, growing up in a town that doesn't even have a taxi, I threw open the driver's side back door to exit the cab and it was promptly struck by a passing car resulting in a good deal of damage to both our taxi and the car that hit the door. Luckily I was a little slow to exit so was completely unharmed.

3. In the Spring of 1998 (my last year of University), a few friends and I headed to France for a 2-week long vacation. We flew into Paris and drove to the South of France where we spent the majority of our trip. On the drive down, we took a few scenic routes. One in particular was a winding road up into some hills that was essentially one 90 degree turn after another with a deadly drop off to the side. As we approached a sharp curve, a bright blue car with a racing stripe down the center careened toward us obviously trying to break some sort of land-speed record. The driver in a completely controlled fashion neatly sidestepped us and was around the next curve and gone before our mouths had even fully dropped. It was one of those "did that just happen? I think I'm gonna be sick." moments.


Anonymous janine said...

I like the swatch - it is fairly subtle on my monitor - it's not like it is screaming pink and orange or anything:-)
This is a hard truth or lie but I'm going to go with 1 being the lie becuase not many people would own up to 2 unless it really happened and 3 is just too weird to have made up in my opinion :-)

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

I like the swatch too ... although having seen the actually yarn I know the colours are brighter then the picture ... I still like them together.

Holy moly ... I don't know... I am leaning towards # 3 but then again I'm not so sure about # 2 either... So because I can't decide between #2 and #3...

I guess I will say # 1 is the lie.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Samantha said...

First, I think #2 is a lie.

Second, I LOVE the colours in that swatch.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that swatch - vibrant enough, but subtle at the same time. It will make for some seriously gorgeous mittens!

Hmmm, number #3 sounds a little to james bond to be true. The first two sound like they could have happened to me...

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Line said...

I love your swatch. Blue is my favorite color, so it is no wonder that I love your swatch.

I think #2 is the lie.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Inica said...

hmm.... #2 is a lie, I think.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

Oops, I missed this one! OK, I was going to say that 2 is the lie, but that would mean that all of my answers are 2, which doesn't seem possible. So I'm going to say that while you probably were a figure-skating flagbearer, you did not total the car. The lie is #1. (But the fact that any two of these are true is a little scary!)

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Rita said...

Perhaps number 2 is the lie. I like the swatch colours together. It kind of reminds me of the different blues the sky can be in the winter when it's really cold.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Dani said...

Hi - I'm going to guess number 1 is the lie. I'm not sure that Bourne and Kraatz had competed enough together yet to generate excitement.

4:08 PM  

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