Monday, October 17, 2005

Cozy Cleavage....

This article was sent to me by a fellow knitter this morning and I just had to starts off, "It's not at every cocktail party that the hostess is telling you to play with her boobs, but then again, it's not every hostess that has such fantastic ones."

Read on me this is good.

Update (Oct. 19th)
Wow! What are the odds of this? Janine just informed that the "bits" mentioned in the above article are the new surprise pattern just posted to Crazy timing!

Knitty Pattern


Anonymous Janine said...

Absolutely amazing! The woman deserves a medal. Thanks for finding this I know someone who could really benifit from this

7:15 AM  
Anonymous anna said...

thanks for this... what a great article

1:23 PM  

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